Casey Conroy is a dynamic singer-songwriter who combines raw, powerful melodies and lyrics with layered, eclectic instrumentation. The twenty-year-old from Orlando, Florida, is claiming her space at the intersection of the singer-songwriter genre and alternative pop, moving beyond a stripped-down coffeehouse sound to lush and soaring tracks.

Growing up, music was Casey’s way to connect with herself and the rest of the world. Listening to 80s pop on her dad’s iPod and experimenting with chord progressions on the piano, Casey developed a love for songwriting that was entirely organic. She’s released three singles: “Watch You Go,” “Gotta Give,” and “Tropical,” and her debut EP is dropping Fall 2018.

Casey crafts her own melodies and lyrics and infuses them with an ever-evolving array of pop influences, from Depeche Mode to Kimbra. The result is a rich, complex, constantly-changing pop sound with singer-songwriter authenticity at its heart. As she pushes the limits of her own sound, Casey is redefining what it means to be a singer-songwriter.


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